Natural fibers, uncompromising quality, responsible production.
Garments designed to last. All KTI collections are designed and produced in Italy, with a focus on selecting the highest quality fibers and fabrics to ensure garment durability and extend the life cycle of products.

In an increasing sustainable perspective, since 2023 Kristina Ti has been making available the Sustainability Report, which certifies environmental commitment, respect for company values and transparency in every procedure.


Since 2023, Kristina Ti's AKUA Beachwear&Resort collections have been partners of the Green Future Project, whose mission is to reverse the effects of climate change, promoting global actions and projects aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of companies, preserving the planet for current and future generations.

In collaboration with Green Future Project, each AKUA item sold supports forest regeneration projects in Madagascar and habitat conservation projects in Ecuador.

Even the packaging is designed to be eco-sustainable and recyclable, which is why we launched the message #kristinatilovesyouandtheplanet.


At the Marovolavo reforestation site in Madagascar, where more than 90 percent of the local forests have been destroyed in recent decades, we are collaborating to restore the ecosystem by planting native mangroves.

At the Canadé reserve in Ecuador, on the western slope of the Andes, we are helping to preserve the biodiversity of the Chocó tropical forest while respecting local flora and fauna.

Of which:

Science-backed Tonnes

Science-backed CO2e isn't linked to a carbon credit, but nevertheless reliable as resulting from a scientific measurement and estimation of the CO2e tonnes absorbed.

Certified Tonnes

Certified tonnes are CO2e tonnes linked to carbon credits which certify an exact amount that can be offset.

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